The company Japal BV, founded in 1996, mainly focused on sorting roses at the Flora Holland Naaldwijk Flower Auction. There were plenty of ambitions to grow the company beyond the borders of the Netherlands and expand with its own import of roses from Kenya.

After spending some time in Kenya with first one and later several gardens under management, we also imported our own type of rose to the Netherlands by air freight. At the time, the specific demand for Flori horticulture transport from the airport in the Netherlands to the Honselersdijk flower auction was not easy to outsource, also due to the lack of providers. This is why self-providing Flori horticulture transport was the solution.

For this purpose, a first DAF truck was purchased, followed by an air-sprung trailer, which could carry three mega air freight pallets in a single trip.

Once seen regularly on the roads in and around the Westland region, requests for Flori horticulture transport within the region were made regularly. By accepting assignments, the truck could be used more and more effectively, and increasingly diverse route planning was considered.

The demand for Flori horticulture transport often came from Flori horticulture growers who wanted to outsource their transportation assignments, which they had previously taken care of themselves, but had to focus on their own specializations and/or expanding product ranges. Even with the first Flori horticulture grower customers for whom we provided transportation, the inadequate supply of Flori horticulture transport companies was often mentioned.

Due to the increasingly diverse customer base, there were more and more different tasks involved, such as repacking and packaging products from various countries such as Ecuador and Tunisia. We also acquired several import companies as our customers for whom we could provide sorting work, and this became self-evident.

Flori horticulture transport became more and more the core business of Japal BV and eventually, due to our own specialization in Flori horticulture transport, it was divided into Japal Trans BV with the tricolored rose as its logo, which is still recognizable on every truck today.