About us

For years, Flori horticulture transport has been our main focus, in which we transport flowers and plants from growers to or near the flower auctions. At our location within the Honselersdijk flower auction, we use multiple Flower Auction Electro carts to perform so-called “Box Deliveries.”

But we go beyond just the flower auctions. We deliver directly to flower and plant traders, also known as buyers, in and around the flower auctions such as Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg, Bleiswijk (old auction), Plantion (Ede), Eelde, Rhein-maas, Landgard, and Herongen (Germany). Here, we deliver Flori horticulture products through loading docks or work together with local carriers who can handle further transport.

Delivery times for Flori horticulture products can vary outside of day trading and often do not have the highest priority. We try to be as flexible as possible and let ourselves be scheduled within the time windows that work best for our customers.

Our customer base within the Flori horticulture sector is diverse, and sometimes we are asked to temporarily store temperature-sensitive Flori horticulture products for them. For this purpose, we have cooling rooms available so that we can ensure that the products remain in optimal condition during transport and for storage. At Flori horticulture Transport, we strive for the best care for our customers’ Flori horticulture products.

We believe that optimizing logistics processes can not only save time but also save costs. Therefore, we actively think along with our customers to find opportunities to improve their logistics processes. For example, we have created the possibility for some growers to unload their products at night, which allows them more time for their own activities during the day and thereby saves costs. In addition, we strive for the most efficient planning of our routes to reduce fuel consumption and limit CO2 emissions, which can also save costs in the long term. We believe it is important to contribute not only to a sustainable future but also to the financial health of our customers in the Flori horticulture sector in this way.