Transport sinds 1996

We specialize in Flori horticulture Transport, in which we transport flowers and plants from growers to or near Flower Auctions. However, we also deliver directly to flower and plant traders and strive for the best care for our customers’ Flori horticulture products. In addition, we actively collaborate with our customers to optimize their logistics processes and offer personalized service.Learn more >

Japal BV started in 1996 sorting roses at the Honselersdijk Flower Auction and providing its own transport. Soon it became clear that the demand for Flori horticulture transport beyond rose sorting was significant, and the company purchased its own trucks.

From that moment on, the company grew into Japal Transport BV, the specialist in Flori horticulture transport. More and more Flori horticulture growers wanted to outsource their transportation, and the sorting and repackaging work also increased.

Eventually, the company was renamed to the Flori horticulture transport company it is now, with the three-colored Rose as its logo. A personal service and specialization in Flori horticulture transport are what characterizes the company.Learn more >

Our Services
Japal Transport BV provides Flori horticulture transport in both the Netherlands and Germany, transporting flowers and plants directly from Flori horticulture growers to flower and plant traders. Although Japal Transport BV is primarily based in the Netherlands, we also offer our services in the German market, albeit on a smaller scale.

We consider it important to actively collaborate with our customers to optimize their transport orders, both within and outside the Flori horticulture sector. At Japal Transport BV, we strive to help our customers find the best transport solutions that fit their specific needs. Learn more >

Further services
At Japal Transport BV, we not only help our customers from the Flori culture sector, but also provide transport of other products.

Our transport services include assembly and packaging loads, such as CC containers, pallets, glassware, ceramic pots, containers, complete crop relocations, cuttings, and substrate. We actively collaborate with our customers to optimize their transport orders.

At Japal Transport BV, we consider it important to help our customers find the best transport solutions that fit their specific needs. Learn more >

Our planning team is ready for you and will be happy to answer all your questions. If your question is too extensive, we recommend that you send us an email.

For information about the status of your current assignment or to schedule new transport assignments, you can turn to us at Japal Transport BV. Contact us >

Road safety & Fleet
At Japal Transport BV, safety is a top priority. Our trucks are equipped with the latest safety systems, such as the sideguard and Active Brake Assist system. This enables our drivers to travel safely and ensures the safety of other road users.

In addition, we have a diverse fleet, including long-trailer truck combinations, box trucks, and 25.25-meter long combination vehicles. Our vehicles are specially adapted for use in the floriculture transport sector, including heated to cooled motor and trailer bodies. This allows us to transport every load in the right way and meet the transport needs of every customer. Learn more>

Our Photo’s
At Japal Transport BV, we are proud of our constantly renewing fleet, and we want to show it to the world! Our trucks are maintained with care and attention, not only because they are important for our work, but also because we want to take beautiful photos of them.

We pay extra attention to the quality of our photos so that we can present our fleet at its best, including the most recent additions. Feel free to take a look at our photo albums and discover our beautiful trucks! To our photo album >